What is Barter?

Barter is the world’s oldest and most proven trading system. It’s a great way to trade what you have, or what you do, for whatever you need.
Since a perfect barter seldom happens e.g. someone has an apple and wants a pear and vice versa, baggl members can instead receive Trade Credits, which can then be used to buy products and services at a later date.

Unlock Potential Value

Barter slow moving or excess stock, as well as spare capacity or under-utilised skills, services and expertise.

Entice New Customer

Attract new customers by accepting a combination of Cash and Trade Credits e.g. 40% Cash + 60% Trade Credits (barter)

Boost Non-Seasonal Sales

Barter your products and services during seasonal troughs, and save up your Trade Credits for a rainy day

Reduce Cash Expenditure

Reduce your cash expenditure and use barter to buy the products and services needed for your business or project

How it works

1. Create a listing

Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s completely free to create a listing, and takes less than 60 seconds.

Whoever creates the listing can set their target price or budget, as well as their desired cash vs barter ratio.

The more information you provide, the more success you’ll have in finding a customer or supplier, as we use this information to match-make… kind of like a dating site!

2. Receive bids, offers and quotations

Members can communicate directly with one another, allowing you to barter, haggle and negotiate in order for both parties to get the best possible deal.

It’s important to be realistic when negotiating prices and budgets e.g. don’t over-inflate or completely low-ball, as it’s unlikely that you have much success!

3. Complete & Review

Once the buyer has confirmed the transaction as ‘complete’, payment will automatically be released to the seller, and both parties can then review one another.

Members can buy and sell with confidence, knowing that funds will be held and protected until a transaction has been completed.

When providing a review please be completely honest, as this will help us maintain a safe and trusted marketplace.

Interest FREE credit lines available to business accounts, subject to credit rating.

Benefits of Barter

Cashflow »

Improve cashflow by bartering under-utilised resources, as well as surplus inventory.

Capacity »

Optimise your trading capacity by bartering your products and services during seasonal troughs.

Customers »

Find customers and boost sales through new relationships.

Case studies »

Barter to build case studies, rather than giving away freebies.

Growth »

Use barter to fund the growth of your business or project, by exchanging your products and services for the ones you need.

Debt »

Settle debts by exchanging your goods or services with creditors.


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