B2B marketing trends for brands for 2022

B2B marketing trends for brands and priorities for 2022

B2B marketing trends for brands and priorities for 2022 and beyond!

Last week our founder and CEO joined a webinar panel with Victoria Usher founder/CEO of Gingermay, Ginny Bourne Global Marketing & Communications Director at Hivestack and Richard Wright founder of Stand Up Marketing to discuss B2B marketing trends and strategies for 2022 and beyond, hosted by Jenny Stanley, Founder/MD of Appetite Creative.

Topics that were discussed included:

  • The results of Appetite Creatives B2B Marketing Survey. You can request it HERE
  • The Top B2B marketing trends for 2022
  • Brands’ priorities for marketing investment
  • The importance of sustainable marketing campaigns
  • The most valued aspects of marketing campaigns
  • Tips for the future

You can watch the full webinar below:

Categories: Advertising, Business Support, Small Business, SMEs, Start-ups

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