Join baggl and we'll add £150 in credit to your account!

Get £150 in baggl tokens when you join baggl and complete your profile.

Free to join!

It’s completely free to sign-up to baggl! In fact, we’ll even give you £150 in baggl tokens to get you started, just as soon as you’ve completed your profile!

No monthly fees!

At baggl there’s no monthly membership fees! Once you’ve signed-up you can use baggl as little or often as you want… obviously all the time though!

No sale, no fee!

It’s free to create a listing on baggl, and if you don’t sell your product or service, there’s absolutely nothing to pay! Think of it as risk-free advertising!

What are the benefits of baggl?

Unlock Potential Value

Release value in slow moving or excess stock, rather than it sitting around collecting dust and tying up funds.

Reduce spare capacity

Trade spare capacity or under-utilised skills, services and expertise, with a cash contribution towards fixed costs.

Entice New Customers

Attract new customers by accepting a combination of cash and baggl tokens e.g. 40% cash + 60% tokens.

Reduce Cash Expenditure

Reduce cash expenditure and use trade credits to buy the products and services needed for your business or project

How it works

1. Listings and Requests

Buying and selling on baggl couldn’t be easier! It takes less that 60 seconds to post a request or create a listing and begin haggling!

The more information you provide, the more success you’ll have in finding customers or suppliers. Plus we also use this information to match-make… kind of like a dating site!

We charge a flat rate fee of 12.5% to the sell, with no other hidden costs or fees!

2. Send offers and proposals

Submit offers when buying, or proposals when selling. To help negotiation the best possible deal, both buyer and seller can haggle over price and also the cash-to-token ratio, such as 80% cash and 20% tokens.

It’s important to be realistic when negotiating prices and budgets e.g. don’t over-inflate or completely low-ball, as it’s unlikely that you have much success!

3. Paying or getting paid

Members can buy and sell with confidence, knowing that payment is taken in advance, held securely, and only released once a deal has been completed.

Once a deal has been agreed, the buyer’s credit or debit card will be charged, and their baggl token account debited.

As soon as the seller has delivered their side of the deal and the buyer has confirmed their goods or services as received, payment is automatically released to the seller.

Interest FREE credit lines available to business accounts, subject to credit rating.

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