Promote your business on TV to thousands of local customers!

£3,500 match-funded TV Advertising Grant, to broadcast across Sky’s TV network

In order to help support our fellow FSB members during the tough months ahead, baggl has created a match-funded TV advertising grant, pledging £1 million in media and production value to help put 300x Small Businesses on prime-time television leading up to Christmas and into the New Year, targeting thousands of potential new customers whilst at home.

This exciting initiative is being supported by AdSmart from Sky, as well as several video production houses, all of whom share our desire to help the small business community.

Each lucky applicant will receive a 30 second localised TV commercial, including video production, which will be broadcast frequently over 30 days across Sky’s world class content and premium channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, MTV, National Geographical and Sky Atlantic to name a few, targeting customers within a 2.5 mile radius of your desired postcode.

The match-funded grant will require an equal contribution of £3,500+VAT from successful applicants, totalling £7,000+VAT for an AdSmart local TV campaign, including video production. The video can also be used online e.g. your website and social media.

Grant Application Form

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    About your Business
    What industry is your business in:
    How many employees do you have:
    Please tell us a little bit about your business, including the products and/or services you wish to advertise:




    1. What is a match-funded grant?

    It’s a grant whereby the applicant has to match the same monetary value as the organisation providing the grant.

    2. Is the grant re-payable?

    Nope, you do not need to repay the grant.

    3. Can I use an existing video for my commercial?

    Yes, however, it will need to be edited by one of the production houses supporting this initiative, and must be BCAP approved.

    4. Will the video production houses provide actors, video shoots and bespoke graphics?

    Sadly not. You will be required to provide the necessary assets to create your videos, however, the production houses will support the process by offering the use of a variety of video and photo stock items.

    1. The £3,500 + VAT match-funding must be paid prior to your campaign starting.
    2. You must have between 1 and 50 full time employees
    3. The campaign will be subject to Sky’s standard terms of conditions for AdSmart Advertising available here.
    4. Advertising is subject to BCAP rules and regulations available here.
    5. The campaign will run over a 30 day period

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