Testing Terms & Conditions

We anticipate that platform testing will take approximately 1-3hrs depending on the number of devices being tested. This can be completed over a period of ten working days from when live testing commences.

Upon registering to become a Test User, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions detailed below:

1. Test Users must accept our full Service Agreement upon opening an account.

2. Test Users cannot create multiple accounts for themselves or their business(es) in order to receive additional free BizBucks for this specific test phase.

3. Test Users must provide a true representation of the products and services they offer as a business or freelancer within their profile. Users found to have provided false information will be removed the test process and will not receive their free BizBucks.

4. A BizBuck is a platform trade credit and has a notional accounting value equal to £1.00 per BB 1.00 (per one BizBuck).

5. Testing and feedback must be completed in full, prior to the free BizBucks being applied to the Test User’s account.

6. The amount of free BizBucks that each Test User will receive is subject to the type of testing they are approved for:

     A) Single Device Test: BB 100.00.

     B) Multi-Device Test (mobile, tablet and desktop): BB 200.00.

7. BizBucks cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can they be sold or exchanged with other members for a cash consideration.

8. BizBucks can only be spent via the GetBizee platform once live and testing has been completed.

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