The following terms apply:

  1. The referrer must hold an active baggl account.
  2. The referred member must be new to baggl, and must not have an existing business or individual account.
  3. The referred member will need to complete a single or multiple transactions with a gross value of £500.00, consisting of a minimum of 50% cash-to-token ratio.
  4. The £50.00 cash referral commission will be paid into a UK bank account, in the name of the referrer.
  5. The £50.00 cash referral commission will be paid within 60 days of the £500.00 sales value being achieved by the referred member.
  6. Should the referred member or buyer cancel their sales transaction without good reason, baggl reserves the right to request the referrer to return the £50.00 cash referral commission.
  7. The £50.00 cash referral commission cannot be used in conjunction with any other baggl referral or affiliate scheme.
  8. baggl reserves the right to end the £50.00 cash referral commission scheme without notice.

Our standard Terms also apply.

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